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Psychology, made simple

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Dr Meg Arroll

Chartered psychologist, scientist and published author

I’m a psychologist – but not as you might imagine. There are no couches, clipboards or
stuffy white rooms here, just a friendly, approachable and genuine person who happens to be a fully trained and qualified psychologist. I’m here to help - because we all have to deal with life’s tricky problems, that are both complex and everyday.

“This is a truly transformative book. Tiny Traumas helps us navigate current difficulties by returning us to the 'tiny' traumas that have created emotional scar tissue. Make a cup of tea, get comfortable, and prepare to face some forgotten memories, difficult truths and serious emotional strength-training. And when you've finished, take a deep breath and read it all over again. ”

- Gemma Malley, author of The Declaration

"Tiny Traumas is the book I have been looking for to recommend to absolutely anyone who feels – this isn't right – but maybe I don't need professional support. Dr Meg explains in her relatable, chatty style how something quite insignificant can become a large and sometimes problematic part of our identity, and then clearly, patiently, presents ways to make the changes we need. "

- Dr Audrey Tang, Psychologist and award-winning author

"This book will come as a real relief to many people. If you have been finding it difficult to understand why you are struggling mentally and emotionally, this book is for you. It offers understanding and gives you simple, practical exercises throughout."
- Dr Helen McCarthy, Clinical Psychologist and author 

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Other Publications


The Shrinkology Solution

The Shrinkology Solution is a ground-breaking new concept that matches your 'eating personality' with crave-busting mind hacks and eating plans to suit you.

Bibliotherapy - or simply reading health books - is a science-backed way to manage common symptoms and conditions. I've published six books to date on numerous health-related issues, which include the very latest scientific research, developments in treatments and potential causes of difficult-to-treat ailments. This is in addition to compassionate advice on how to manage symptoms, chapters for loved ones to understand what you're going through and of course practical tips and hints to live well, even with long-term illness. 

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