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The Shrinkology Solution is a ground-breaking new concept that matches your 'eating personality' with crave-busting mind hacks and eating plans to suit you.


A serendipitous meeting of minds with top journalist and diet expert Louise Atkinson, Shrinkology marries my expertise in behavioural psychology with Louise’s encyclopaedic knowledge of popular weight-loss programmes.


Endorsed by Dr Michael Mosley and Dr Xand van Tulleken, this is the first mainstream book to tackle the topic of emotional, habitual and stress eating.




What's Up With Your Bladder? is my most recent collaboration with Prof. Christine Dancey, which covers common conditions, for instance cystitis and overactive balder syndrome, and less prevalent illnesses such as bladder cancer.


One in four of us will experience a bladder condition at some point in our lives and although distressing, there are many options for treatment.


This book outlines practical tips on how to get the right diagnosis, manage bladder illness and ways to cope with the impact such conditions can have on our lives.


Navigate Your Way to Recovery



Irritable Bowel Syndrome: Navigating Your Way to Recovery is a book-on-prescription with The Reading Agency's Read Well for Long Term Conditions scheme, which can be borrowed from any UK library.


Co-authored with long-time collaborator Prof Christine Dancey, who was instrumental in the development of the IBS Network, Navigating Your Way to Recovery explores the evidence on the possible causes of IBS, different self-help and symptom treatments and coping strategies.


This Amazon best-seller has appeared in many newspaper articles and magazines such as the Mail on Sunday's YOU magazine.


The Complete Guide to Conventional, Complementary and Self-Help Options



The Menopause Maze: The Complete Guide to Conventional, Complementary and Self-Help Options provides an evidenced-based account of the pros and cons of the different options for managing the symptoms of the menopause, so that readers can make an informed decision about the best approach.


Co-authored with nutritional therapist Liz Efiong, this book covers treatments such as hormone replacement therapy (HRT), bioidentical HRT, medication, lifestyle, nutrition, and complementary therapies, as well as an exploration of the impact (both positive and negative) this transition can have on women’s lives.


Coping with Misunderstood Conditions



Invisible Illness: Coping with Misunderstood Conditions is based on 20 years of research from the former Chronic Illness Research Team (CIRT) at the University of East London, where Prof Dancey and I met.


In this, our first book together, we aimed to include the conditions actively researched in CIRT, such as IBS, CFS/ME, fibromyalgia, migraine and Mal de Debarquement Syndrome (MdDS). We found in our research studies that these illnesses are often misunderstood and stigmatised, which directly impacts people’s everyday lives.


This book is for the #missingmillions who have so often felt 'written off' by the medical profession.


What You Need To Know About CFS/ME



Chronic Fatigue Syndrome: What You Need To Know About CFS/ME explores a condition that affects around 250,000 people in the UK, and an estimated one million in the USA.


With a characteristic profile of severe exhaustion, flu-like symptoms, and unrefreshing sleep, it has no cure and can lead to severe isolation and curtailment of life.


This book reviews the history of the condition and evidence-based treatments for its management.

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